My name is Sarah.  I’m a wife and a mom and all the things that go along with those two titles. My husband is originally from Kenya.  He has been driving a tractor trailer all over the USA for the past year.  I homeschool our six year old son, Benji, and try to keep up with our one year old daughter, Abbie. My love of writing started when I was very little, when I ran a one-woman newspaper for the tiny church my dad pastored.  I think there were 6 editions! My love of writing continued and I briefly pursued journalism before falling in love with photography.  My hubby and I were professional wedding and portrait photographers in Kenya before moving to the USA.  Since then we have been busy chasing children as well as other dreams and I haven’t had much time for either writing or photography.  I’m hoping to reawaken my love for both here.  I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our delightfully ordinary life and maybe find some encouragement and inspiration along the way.