History This Week: Ancient Rome

This week in History we continued our study of Ancient Rome in Story of the World Vol 1.  We are only 1 chapter away from finishing Vol 1!  

amani-baraka-43This week we covered two chapters in Story of the World.  The first discussed the Celts and their struggle against Roman rule.  The second covered the barbarian attacks which led to the demise of the Western Roman Empire.

We love adding extra reading from the book lists found in the Story of the World Activity Guide.  I also search our library’s online catalog for additional resources.  Here are some of the books we added to our studies this week.


We have enjoyed a couple of other books in “The Best Book Of” series and this one was no exception.  Plenty of illustrations and great information.  We found Ancient Rome by Peter Connolly to be a bit too advanced for Benji’s level but it would be a wonderful book for an older student.

Pompeii Through Time is definitely our favorite book this week.  Benji has been enjoying a number of other Richard Platt books and was very excited when he recognized the author’s name.  We love that we get to find “our house” on each page and see its progression through the years.  We haven’t had a chance to read Ancient Rome and Pompeii yet but we loved the Magic Tree House book it accompanies and I know we will enjoy this book as well.

amani-baraka-35For this week’s project Benji became an archaeologist and had to put an “ancient Roman relic” back together.  To prep for the project I found an old dish and smashed it the same way the Vandals broke things when they invaded Rome. He had so much fun figuring out how to piece it back together.  We ended up taping the pieces in place because he was having a hard time figuring out the little pieces.

What is your favorite era to study in History?  Let us know in the comments.




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