What We Are Reading: Feb 5th – 11th

My library record states I currently have 81 items out and 20 on my holds list! It’s a good thing my library bag is full of books to take back.  

amani-baraka-32Benji is working on his 5th Pizza Hut Book-IT reward so he is busy reading chapter books.  In order to earn his free pizza he has to read 20 chapter books.  He is allowed to take 5 books to bed each evening…as long as he is ready for bed by 8:30 pm and he can read until he falls asleep or 11pm, whichever comes first.  He doesn’t always take chapter books to bed but when he’s trying to earn his pizza, he usually includes 2-3 in his selection. Most nights he falls asleep reading, but there have been a few nights when he has a new book and is still awake at 11.

Some of Benji’s current selection include:

  • Ranger in Time by Kate Messner
  • Tales For Very Picky Eaters
  • You Choose Books from Capstone Press
  • Greetings From Somewhere by Harper Paris
  • Geronimo Stilton’s Kingdom of Fantasy
  • Kat DiCamillo’s Tales from Deckawoo Drive

amani-baraka-31For our school reading, I have been enjoying pulling some books from the amazing lists over at What DO We Do All Day.  Erica has done a great job of pulling together book lists about important topics.  This week, I choose a book from her list of picture books about Refugees. I just wished that our library had more of the books she listed but I can’t wait to utilize her lists even more.


We are also reading a couple of books about Hanukkah and Shabbat that we didn’t get from the library until we were already through that chapter in History. The Children of Noisy Village is our current school time read-aloud.  We are continuing with the Little House on Rocky Ridge series for our bedtime reading.

I will be sharing about our History and Science books in a separate post so be sure to check back for that later in the week.


Abbie is obsessed with the Lola books By Anna Mcquinn.  I checked Lola Loves Stories out from the library and she has been having Daddy read it to her as least once a day.  I also picked out a Llama Llama book that she likes, but not as much as Lola!


Leave a comment and let us know what you are reading this week!


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