A Letter to Abbie on Her 1st Birthday

Dear Abbie,

You turned 1 about a month ago.  Its really hard to believe its been a year since you, our spunky, feisty little girl was born.  You are a truly delightful child, full of life, light and laughter.

snw_1760Abigail means “my father’s daughter” and you live up to your name.  Today you were standing on the sofa when Daddy came home after being gone the whole morning.  As soon as you saw him, you began shrieking and bouncing up and down, waving your hands.  It was so much fun to watch.  If Daddy is home, only he can feed you, dress you or change you.  I am not allowed to because  you wiggle away crying for Da-da.

You are full of energy.  You sat up on your own at 5 months.  You crawled and pulled up on the same day just after your 7th month birthday.  Your doctor warned me that you would walk early and she sure was right.  You started taking steps before 9 months and were walking confidently at 9 1/2 months.  Climbing started right before your 1st birthday when you climbed up the first rung of the ladder to Benji’s bed.  You certainly keep me on my toes.

It is so much fun watching you explore your world.  Stacking cups and rings, pulling all of your books off the shelves and sitting reading surrounded by 10 or more books.  Dancing to the music on your little elephant or making up your own songs and dancing to them.  Shaking your head “no” whenever you find something you aren’t supposed to have.  Grabbing forbidden items and running away as fast as you can.  Doing somersaults and back flips with Daddy’s help.

I hope you always keep your feisty independent attitude. I hope you never let people put you in a box.  I hope you are always full of confidence and dance to your own music.  I hope God will give Daddy and I wisdom as we guide you through the years ahead.






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