What We Are Reading Jan 15-21

We love books in this house.  When I signed up for a library card two years ago at the beginning of kindergarten, I asked the librarian about the library’s checkout limit.  She me their limit is 100 books.  I was sure that we couldn’t ever possibly check out that many books at one time.  Well, we currently have 78 books checked out!

We generally have 5 different types of books:

  • Books that correspond to the current chapter in Story of World
  • Books to supplement what we are learning in REAL Science Odyssey
  • Picture books and longer read alouds
  • Chapter books and graphic novels for Benji
  • Mommy’s books – Biographies, non-fiction books and chapter books that I’m previewing before giving them to Benji.


This week we are continuing with our study of the Romans in Story of the World. These are the corresponding books for this week. We didn’t have time to read  The Ch’i-Lin Purse while we were doing the chapter on ancient China so we are still reading it.




In science we are starting REAL Science Odyssey Earth and Space.  The first few weeks are all about weather so I checked these books out and pulled Usborne’s See Inside Weather and Climate off of our Usborne bookcase.

amani-baraka-11Abbie has fallen in love with being read to so I’ve been looking for pictures books for her.  This week I found the cutest book called Lola Goes to the Library.  We have already read it a couple of times.  Benji and I are currently knee deep in the Little House Rose Years by Roger Lea MacBride.  Benji listened to the original Little House audio books recently and love them almost as much as I did when I was a little girl.


Benji reads a pretty wide variety of chapter books and likes to reread his favorites multiple times.  I just returned a couple of favorites because someone else had requested them, but here are some of the ones he has been taking to bed with him this week.


I have mostly been previewing books that I thought would make good audio book options for Benji. So this week I’m working on a stack of personal books.  There are a couple I’m hoping to share more about once I’m done with them.


What are you reading in your home this week? Please share in the comments.  I’m always up for a good book recommendation!




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