Our Homeschool Curriculum: Part 1

Post contains affiliate links. Today I’m starting a series of posts about our choices for Benji’s 1st grade curriculum. The picture above shows some of the books we chose.  They are the ones we were using for school today.

amani-baraka-6Last year while we were deciding whether we were going to continue homeschooling, I spent time researching and looking at our options.  I requested catalogs from many different homeschooling publishers, compared options, read reviews and looked at samples.  There are so many wonderful homeschool options available now making final decisions very hard.

We used a Timberdoodle inspired curriculum for Preschool, Prek and Kindergarten.  I was very pleased with how easy it was to use and how much Benji enjoyed and learned from it. So I decided to build our 1st grade curriculum with Timberdoodle’s 1st Grade Curriculum Kit as a foundation.  I knew right away that we would be making some changes and adding in some additional options from both Timberdoodle and other companies.

During Kindergarten, Benji was very articulate about how he learns best and what he enjoys most.  I took this information and evaluated options based on this and my experience teach him over the previous years.  We had discovered that he learns through a combination of listening to materials being read aloud and hands-on exploration.  I also discussed our long term education goals with my husband and tried to focus on options that will help us teach Benji to learn rather than teaching rote information.

I’ll share more about why we made specific choices but for now here is a list of our current curriculum.  We just started week 15 and  we are really enjoying the school year so far. I’ve been quite pleased with most of my choices however I did make a few changes when we started back after Christmas.


Language Arts:





If you homeschool or enhance your children’s education at home, please share your favorite resources in the comments.  I love finding out about new options!



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