Lazy Saturdays

After busy weeks of school, errands, activities and often minimal time with Daddy, we try to keep our Saturday relaxed and easy.  Of course sometimes we do have things that must be done but thankfully today was not one of those Saturdays. 

Most Saturdays start with waffles for breakfast.  Waffles are hands down everyone’s current favorite breakfast.  Soft golden brown waffles are pretty irresistible. And I love them because they such a great way to make a quick “special” breakfast. This morning I made them extra special by throwing in a handful of mini chocolate chips.

We used to watch Saturday morning cartoons but now that all the major broadcast networks have phased out cartoons, Benji sometimes watches the animal shows that replaced them.  I’m actually rather sad that cartoons were phased out.  I understand the idea behind moving to educational programing and I’m glad that there are great education shows available.  Sadly, even for a boy who loves animals, the wildlife shows just aren’t as magical on a Saturday morning as cartoons were.


After breakfast Benji challenged Daddy to a little Laser Maze brain fun. I’m pretty sure Benji was better at the challenges then Daddy.  Meanwhile, Abbie decided it was a good time to read books. One of her favorite activities is pulling all the books off the shelf and sitting on the floor surrounded by books.  I recently put a few flap books where she could reach them and she has been very excited about them.


I try to relax on Saturdays as much as possible.  I find it helps restore my energy for the coming week.  I also try to take the time to prepare for the following week of school.  I’ll be talking about how I organize our homeschool time soon.


Abbie and Daddy got a few minutes of reading before it was her nap time.

Now we are just waiting for the football game to start.  Maybe we’ll play a card time while we wait.

What do your Saturdays look like?  What are your favorite Saturday family activities?  I would love to hear about them!


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